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The Upcoming Short Week

The Upcoming Short Week

Busy week, lots of events and committees and culminating with an Inauguration.
I hope everyone enjoyed the great weather this weekend.  The upcoming week is short but full of great activity.  Tomorrow (Tuesday), the chamber starts off with the Technology Council with a great panel discussion at Holiday Inn.  Later that morning our Communications and Marketing committee meets (open to members) to discuss ways to better get the Chamber message out to the business community.  Wednesday starts with the Public Policy committee (open to members) and our guest presenter is Kat Cammack, Chief of Staff of Congressman Yoho's office in attendance to update us and take any questions.  Thursday is our major 'State of the County' luncheon at the Thrasher with municipal and county speakers updating us on the local governance issues.  Friday starts with our great networking event, Finally Friday and later that day, the nation inaugurates a new President leading us into a new era of business growth.  Check our website or call for updates and plan to attend events/committees and get involved.  We greatly appreciate your leadership and commitment to the community.

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