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The Leadership Clay program, created in 2004, brings together promising young leaders in our community for a year-long program that enriches their knowledge of Clay County. The program includes deep dives into law enforcement, healthcare, nonprofits, and local government for a thorough understanding that prepares participants for future leadership roles. Through guest speakers, discussion groups, and on-site visits, participants receive exposure to critical issues facing our communities. An Alumni Group encourages continuous peer learning and community action.

Goals of Leadership Clay

1. To educate emerging and potential leaders about social and economic issues that affect the quality of life in Clay County and Northeast Florida.

2. To provide personal and professional leadership development opportunities for future leaders.

3. To create a diverse pool of leaders capable of working in the business, volunteer, civic, and public arenas to improve life in Clay County and Northeast Florida.

4. To develop a group of diverse leaders interested in issues and capable of carrying out community projects to improve life in the community.

5. To provide continued opportunities for leadership development, association, and networking among graduates of the program.

Education Day

Education Day will provide participants an opportunity to study current educational objectives for Clay County, including knowledge of the educational curriculum available in Clay County for students K-12, young adults and senior citizens, and become familiar with the range of facilities available for education in Clay County.

Non-profit Day

Clay County is home to many differen­t not-for-profit groups that provide many services to the community.  Ranging from health services to business and professional services as well as many other areas, not-for-profits play a vital role in our county and have a significant impact on people’s lives in a variety of different ways.  The objective of this class day is to acquaint the class with the not-for-profit sector in Clay County by visiting and hearing from executives and professionals in that area while at the same time gaining a broader understanding of how the business community interacts with and is impacted by the not-for-profit sector. 

Clay History Day

The goal of this session is for the class to acquire a basic knowledge of the surrounding cities and the history of Clay County as well as become aware of past, present, and future issues.

Industry Day

Industry Day will provide the class with an overview of many of the county’s economic drivers, the importance of job growth and job creation, the necessity of a regional approach to economic development, and the current forecast for Clay County specifically and northeast Florida generally.

Sports and Media Day

The objective of this course day is to provide an opportunity for participants to learn about the sports news media within our community and identify ways to maximize its use.  The exercises have been selected to provide a look at the different facets of media communication, to recognize the attributes of different media resources, to foster a better understanding of the media, and to encourage a positive relationship with the media.

Law Enforcement Day

The purpose of Law Enforcement Day is to offer the class an opportunity to see firsthand the many facets of law enforcement in Clay County.  From the work of the sheriff’s office as well as that of the district attorney and others, this class day covers a wide range of topics and offers a glimpse into the daily lives of the men and women who work to keep the county safe. Additionally, you will learn what it’s like to be a prisoner in the Clay County jail system.

Health Care Day

Health Care Day will provide participants with a working knowledge of the health care and social services available in Clay County and help determine whether existing services will adequately meet the area’s future needs.  Additionally, the class will better understand the ongoing concerns with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its impact on business outlook and growth.

Military Day

The objective of this day is to help the class become more acquainted with the economic impact that the military has on both Clay County and the northeast Florida region.  In addition, the class will become familiar with some of the inner workings of local military installations and receive briefings from military officials on a variety of issues ranging from the military’s role in the local community and its responsibilities at a state and national level.